Our project expertise combines 35 years of experience in the architectural field. Armed with a wealth of knowledge we help our clients navigate the complex process of making space.  Whether it’s a small renovation, elaborate commercial space, multi-family housing or new restaurant concept – our clients can expect only the highest level of service and attention.

Our practice is broad, ranging from the planning of new urban neighborhoods to the detailing of interior spaces. We can help you with feasibility studies, building design or renovations. We embrace a collaborative process and are flexible in our search for the best solution for our clients.


Roger Webb

Roger is the Webb of Collins + Webb. And when he’s not doing all the owner-y things that owners do, he’s busy solving clients’ concerns and issues, while creating spaces that allow them to grow and prosper. (We’re resisting a Star Trek reference here.) When he’s not at the office, Roger and his wife are providing parental Uber service for their 3 kids. But when they’re not doing that, they’re either camping or hiking. (What can we say, this is a very outdoorsy office.) A not-so-little-known fact about Roger is that he tends to start conversations in his head and then finish them out loud. Which explains why he looked at us the other day and said “but no mayo.”


Sam Collins

Yep, he’s the Collins whose name is on the door. But that doesn’t mean he sits back and bosses people around. Quite the opposite, actually. Sam spends his days interacting with clients and making sure they love the outcome of their project. Back at home, Sam’s wife takes care of three boys—with Sam being the oldest. That “youthful spirit” (we’re pretty sure his wife probably calls it something else) is what keeps him active outside, camping, hiking, canoeing and fishing. In fact, Sam is on a quest to visit as many state parks as possible. So now we’re thinking there should be a contest between him and Betsy to see who can hit their Parks goal first.  (Aaron can run the bracket on that one.)